wysiwyg and light-markup are oil and water

bowerbird bowerbird at aol.com
Fri Sep 12 03:13:29 EDT 2014

mofo said:
>   I do get a bit irked by the amount of screen re-estate it takes.

yeah, i suppose it depends on what you happen to be doing.

i do have some ideas i'm researching that riff on that thought.

>   Perhaps we can drop the wysiwyg

well, i think it's interesting to think about these things, and to
discuss them, especially if anyone has ideas on all of this, so
i'd love to talk if y'all have wysiwyg solutions, but i have none.     

>   and stick to input/output model
>   but maybe with this twist:
>   Place the input screen on the top,
>   and the output screen on the bottom.
>   Input takes vertically 20% of screen,
>   and output takes vertically 80% of screen.

that's easy.

the html-demo-code i have put up uses "position:absolute",
so people can arrange the interface any way they want to...

i've also researched jquery drag-and-resize components,
for even more flexibility, but it's hard to say if it's worth it...

>   A red 'box' in the output screen shows
>   where the part that the input screen is showing.

some good code will sync input and output when you want.


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