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Yeah, that’s one way to do it however I want to test the resulting parse tree not the resulting parse tree formatted to html.

Andrei Fangli

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Le 14-sept.-2014 à 9:48, Andrei Fangli <andrei_fangli at> a écrit :

> Thanks,
> I’ll fork the repo and convert the tests cases to C# unit tests in a separate branch.

You can do that.

But note that you can already run those tests on the command line if you have PHP-CLI installed on your machine and you have an executable that reads Markdown on stdin and writes HTML on stdout. The existing PHP driver normalizes XHTML output to account for insignificant differences in spacing and character entities, and it can generate diffs when the output doesn't match.

So maybe you'll prefer using `php mdtest.php -s SomeMarkdownParser.exe` instead of rolling your own. Just a suggestion.

Michel Fortin
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