Markdown within block-level elements

Aristotle Pagaltzis pagaltzis at
Thu Sep 18 06:34:05 EDT 2014

* Alan Hogan <contact at> [2014-09-18 03:10]:
> I do not understand why the rule existed in the first place.

Which implies that it must not make sense?

The rule allows you to retroactively introduce Markdown to any system
that was designed to handle HTML, without breaking any existing content.
And if the Markdown processor needs to be jammed at multiple different
layers, you can do that, because the HTML rendering of a Markdown source
is always wrapped in block-level elements, so you can pass the output of
a Markdown converter back through it (or through another converter, if
you happen to be stacking plugins in a CMS, say) without destroying it.

Without the rule, you would have to choose between Markdown and HTML.
The rule makes Markdown embrace-and-extend.

> Break things. Bump the major version. Be part of an ecosystem that
> actually works.

Markdown is Gruber’s and not anyone else’s. There is no “ecosystem”
about that.

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