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Fri Sep 19 11:35:01 EDT 2014

* jakov at <jakov at> [2014-09-19 13:15]:
> For easy copy pasting, backwards compatibility etc (as others just
> pointed out), markdown=0 should imo be default for any HTML element.
> As in PHP markdown, let markdown=1 interpret inline stuff inside that
> element.
> Then let markdown=2 make the child element inherit markdown=1 and so on, eg.:
> <div markdown=2>
> Inline markdown *here*.
> .<div>first level child: markdown is *on*
> ..<div>second level child: markdown is <em>off</em> again.
> ..</div>
> .</div>
> </div>
> So the concept is, that the number given will be counted down before
> inheriting it.

I think there is a Markdown converter that supports something like that
already. I saw someone mention it on this list a while ago, anyway. It
seems like a smart solution.

> Markdown=all (or similar) would inherit through all levels. To escape
> inheritance, put markdown=0 there again.

That one I hadn’t seen before. Makes a lot of sense too.

> To simplify things, one could also leave out the counting down thing
> and only have three States: off, on*, all levels*.

That’s certainly how you want to introduce it in the syntax description.
I’m not sure if it would cover enough ground without supporting counted
levels. Still, you don’t lose any use cases by not supporting them, you
just make some documents more noisy. So the best approach is probably to
just try the simple form and see if you miss counted level support.

> If you want to have an all markdown document, wrap it into an element
> with markdown=all (or all-block). However, there might be situations
> where you don't want to output any extra element; I'm not sure whether
> a pseudo-element like <markdown> (or <!-- <markdown> --> ?) would be
> a good solution to this.

In the spirit of “the simple form is probably enough” I would just punt
on that.

Great, now you just need to convince some sufficient number of Markdown
converter authors/maintainers to support this extension. :-)

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