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Fri Sep 19 13:41:26 EDT 2014

A concept you might be interested.

![ cat ]( cat.png 100x100 ){ #id .catClass }

Is another way of saying:

!default[ cat ]( cat.png ){ #id .catClass width=100px height=100px}

which is just an extention that detects ".png" so that its more like:

!embedImage[ cat ]( cat.png ){ #id .catClass width=100px height=100px}

before outputting into html.


!extentionName[ content ]( arguments ){ #id .Class arg1="" arg2="" argEtc="" }

!!!extentionName[ summary content ]( arguments ){ #id .Class arg1=""
arg2="" argEtc="" }
     .... content ...


This demarcation of extension provides interesting opportunities for
plug and play extensions, while keeping the syntax as simple as


!eval[ $1+1=?$]

!diceroll[ D6 ]

!datetill[ Dec 2019 ]

# fig.1 next to solar data information
!figure[ solarData ]

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