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Sat Sep 20 06:15:40 EDT 2014

Fletcher, how does MMD treat HTML elements? Does it just ignore the tags (possibly breaking the HTML) or does it parse the content of each element  separately after identifying it as an element, eg. through recursion?

If it is the latter, then calling the function with a markdown=on/off/all shouldn't be too complicated I guess.

Head, code and pre could (instead of adding the complicated exclusion tag thing) just be excluded by default. Or instead have markdown="all" and markdown="intelligent" where the latter excludes the elements that usually don't make sense. But even this is only needed for convenience! Demanding the user to add a markdown=0 tag to the elements she wants to exclude should normally suffice.

Regards, jakov

On 19. September 2014 19:24:22 MESZ, "Fletcher T. Penney" <fletcher at> wrote:
>I think my head just exploded.
>I speak for no one but myself, but I don't anticipate adding anything 
>this complex to MultiMarkdown.
>MMD already enables a feature to turn on processing of Markdown inside 
>all HTML, and I suspect that's as far as I will go with it.
>On 9/19/14, 1:21 PM, jakov at wrote:
>> Good point. I'm not sure of it would be a good idea to add something
>like the following, but it could be a solution:
>> <HTML markdown="all" markdown-exclude="head code pre #my-id .
>> Regards, jakov
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