clarification of terms would be a good thing

bowerbird bowerbird at
Tue Sep 23 16:02:18 EDT 2014

fletcher said:
>   this is NOT Markdown when you do this.

thanks for your guidance on this, fletcher.

today's world seems to be confused about
what markdown _is_ and what it is _not._

perhaps a good explanation would be useful?
you know, one that defined markdown explicitly,
so we knew what it _is_ and what it is _not_...

lacking that, perhaps some good examples
might help.  for instance, _this_ is markdown,
but _that_ is not, nor are _those_other_things_.

maybe draw a line down the middle of a sheet
of paper, and on one side write the things that
_are_ markdown, and the other side _are_not_.

start with commonmark.  markdown?  or not?


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