does fireball markdown support anchor links?

bowerbird bowerbird at
Wed Jul 8 22:03:59 EDT 2015

david said:
>   an option, though not a pretty one.

it's ugly, yes, but that's not the worst part.

the worst part is that it is a lot of work --
especially if you want a table of contents.

and then it's obstacle-clutter while editing.

it's really something that should be handled
by the converter, not something in the text.

which, by the way, many of the flavors _do_.

but not to the extent that they could or should.

in addition to headers, there should be anchors
at significant places, such as tables and figures.

and again, some flavors do indeed go that far...

however there do remain coordination glitches,
as different flavors create the anchors differently.

some turn spaces to dashes, others to underbars,
and some even delete them entirely, meaning that
they didn't learn that old expertsexchange lesson.

some use camel-case, others go all-lower-case...

some include punctuation as-is, others delete it,
and still others keep anything allowed in filenames
(which varies across platforms, and on the web)...

and of course there's the usual utf-8 complication.

so, as is typical in this coordination-plagued sphere,
users have to actually _look_at_ the anchors to see
what they are, which defeats some of the purpose
of auto-generating them in the first place. oh well...

i'm not even going to suggest that the flavor-makers
try to come to an agreement, because we all know
that they aren't gonna change what they already do...


p.s.  i guess beamer has an appeal for some people,
but reveal.js is so darn rad, especially its visual editor,
that i would really recommend that you check it out...
there are also other great web-based presentation-tools,
but i can't get at the file with my notes on them right now.

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