does fireball markdown support anchor links?

Aristotle Pagaltzis pagaltzis at
Thu Jul 9 15:40:23 EDT 2015

* Michel Fortin <michel.fortin at> [2015-07-09 16:20]:
> I'm not providing this function out of the box for a few reasons: 1.
> any specific algorithm to generate the id to is going to make some
> people complain about non-compatibility with another implementation,
> and 2. it's quite hard to come with something that'll work well with
> non-english text.

There’s also another important reason:

Markdown is used for document fragments that get combined into a single
web page, much more often than it is used for standalone, single full
page documents. E.g. the front page of a weblog with excerpts from
multiple articles; comments in a thread on Reddit, or on GitHub; etc.

But anchors must be unique.

The Markdown processor alone does not have enough information and state
to generate sufficiently unique anchors in such an environment. So, if
automatically generated anchors are desired, their derivation *must* be
performed by code from the environment which has sufficient information
to be able to do that.

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