New Static Site Theme for World (Literature) Classics in Markdown e.g. A Tale of Two Cities, The Trial, etc.

Gerald Bauer gerald.bauer at
Fri Jul 17 03:42:35 EDT 2015


   Thanks for your kind words and thanks for highlighting the WebDocBook
project and the sample book. Great initiative. Keep it up.

> I would use Bootstrap for a better rendering by default but this is a
personal choice ;)

  Good point. On purpose the template is as minimalistic as possible and,
thus, does not use Boostrap. The idea is that everyone can add whatever is
missing (instead of first taking out stuff and cleaning up).

   To get startet w/ Boostrap may I highlight the jekyll-bootstrap-theme
[1]. Works like a charm with Jekyll (and GitHub Pages) out-of-the box  -
not just the "static" version but - of course - the source version in scss
;-) / lets you easily change variables/constants in _settings.sccs, for


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