people are doing interesting stuff

bowerbird bowerbird at
Wed May 13 15:45:53 EDT 2015

people are doing interesting stuff

this text (in markdown format) is stored in the u.r.l., and  
then converted and displayed when that u.r.l. is visited.

that is, some code on

- takes the u.r.l. -- specifically, the query-string -- and 

- unpacks it to get the underlying markdown text, 

- converts it to .html, and then 

- displays that .html.

so this text is not stored -- *does not exist* -- elsewhere.  
it is **only** in the query-string.  if you changed that, you  
would change the message itself (probably to garbage).

if, when you visit the link above, you don't see all this,  
it's most likely because the listserve trashed the link.

of course, this exact approach means that you cannot  
send a very long message. but it's still quite interesting.

(and, of course, any form of light-markup would work;  
indeed, some might be much better suited for the job.)

[try it yourself!] (

ok, well... it looks like the link thingee might not work...

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