kudos and major props

bowerbird bowerbird at aol.com
Wed May 13 22:16:42 EDT 2015

david said:
>   I made something similar a few years ago

yes, you did indeed.

and i remember now thinking back then that it was brilliant.

you even anticipated the url-too-long problem by using bitly,
as well as combining several hashify into a single longer one.

and this reminds me that other people have also been using
the store-the-document-in-the-query-string approach recently.

but as far as i know, you were one of the first. so kudos for that.

do you know of any previous usage? if not, then major props...

and now that you've had some years to ponder this technique,
have you come up with any ideas for slick and inventive uses?

not that it needs any, it stands on its own just for being clever,
but if it has any additional functionality, i'd love to hear about it.


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