New Markdown News Channel @manuscriptsnews - Write 'n' Markup Books, Articles, Posts, etc. in Plain Text

Gerald Bauer gerald.bauer at
Sat Mar 12 06:48:34 EST 2016


  I've started a news channel covering news, tools 'n' tips & tricks
about writing books, articles, posts etc. in plain text with markdown.

  - Markdown Lint Style Rule of the Day - #3 Use the same marker
(-/*/+) for unordered lists throughout the document
  - Awesome Markdown - A collection of awesome markdown libraries,
services, editors, tools, cheatsheets & more
  - Using Markdown with the kramdown Library and Tools by Thomas Leitner
  - Did you know? kramdown includes automatic table of contents
generation.  Use {:toc}.
  - Wrote an article for the awesome CSS-Tricks on Choosing the right
Markdown Parser
  - HTML ↔︎ Markdown Quick Reference (Cheat Sheet) Incl. Tables,
Emojis, Quotes, Dashes, Ellipses and More
  - Book Quick Starter Kit (Manuscripts Edition) - Write your own book
in plain text (with Markdown)
  - And more

  Follow along on twitter @manuscriptsnews [1].



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