Markdown vs LaTeX / TeX Markup - Articles, Books, Text Formatting, Lists, Tables, etc.

Gerald Bauer gerald.bauer at
Tue Mar 15 15:34:54 EDT 2016


   I've started yet another Markdown project, that is,

    Markdown vs LaTeX / TeX Markup [1]

   What's it about?

   The idea is to show the difference of text with markup and without
(markdown). So far examples include:

   - Artcles
   - Books
   - Text Formatting (Bold, Italic, etc.)
   - Lists (Bullet, Numbered, etc.)
   - Tables

   It's on GitHub. Additions welcome. If you know similar projects let
us know * Cheers.

* Will try to start more versions e.g. for Microsoft Word and
Wikipedia Wikitext.


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