Added Markdown support to wrap(1)

Marty McGowan martymcg at
Thu May 5 12:38:59 EDT 2016


   being a bwk follower (the K  in awk),  i'm a fan of well-focused
   tools; i suspect "wrap" is such.   

   however, wrapping is but a single feature in emacs.  oh, if the world
   had the patience to learn emacs.

   and in a note of self-contradiction, it is a bit difficult to
   reconcile heavy command-line use with such an editor.

    i thank markdown for having lead me to OrgMode.   and now my
    command-line format converter is "pandoc".  depending on the venue
    (e.g. leanpub) it does a fine job of producing the necessary

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On Thu, May 5, 2016, at 12:16 AM, Paul J. Lucas wrote:
> Hello -
> I’ve been hacking on wrap(1) and wrapc(1) that are text and
> source-code-comment reformatters, respectively, for a long time.  I
> started them to scratch my particular itch, namely the ability to easily
> rewrap text (and, in particular, comments in source code) while in an
> editor.  See:

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