Markdown documents to OO/LO Writer and Impress

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Sat Nov 12 11:34:26 EST 2016

I am a recent convert to using markdown for creating draft documents, outlines etc. My primary OS is CentOS where I use geany with a plugin although I believe gedit also allows for creating/editing markdown documents(?) On windows I have both geany, markdown pad íí, and notepad ii.

I do use tables a lot and since I like to use markdown for outlines of complex documents I would like to see easy folding of sections, similar to what you could do with the old DOS outliners. Alas, combining those two requirements in a modern editor seems impossible...

Now I would also like to create drafts of documents and of slide presentations in markdown to later be transferred to OpenOffice or LibreOffice Writer for finishing the text documents or OpenOffice or LibreOffice Impress for finishing slide presentations. Ideally allowing me to go both ways for the final version.

I do not seem able to accomplish the latter and have not found the ideal markdown editor yet - suggestions welcome!

Thank you.

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