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On November 12, 2016 5:45:28 PM EST, H <agents at> wrote:
>This is promising and I would love to try MultiMarkdown. I went to your
>site and downloaded from github but the latest version is sadly not
>compatible with Windows Vista I have on my netbook. Is there a 32-bit
>version that I can try? Also, I see there is a Mac-version but I also
>need to run it on CentOS (Red Hat).
>The above are showstoppers of course but does MultiMarkdown support
>"folding", i.e. hiding sections like in a DOS outliner?
>On 11/12/2016 12:49 PM, Fletcher T. Penney wrote:
>> MultiMarkdown has supported the Flat OpenDocument format for many
>years. It currently supports it for Writer documents, but there is no
>reason the same approach couldn't be used to create Impress
>presentations. Technically, one could also create spreadsheet files as
>well, but not sure that's a good idea.
>> In fact, using the existing beamer format output and the ODF format
>conversions, it should be relatively easy to create a converter for
>> Fletcher
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>>>> Subject: Markdown documents to OO/LO Writer and Impress
>>>> I am a recent convert to using markdown for creating draft
>>>> outlines etc. My primary OS is CentOS where I use geany with a
>>>> although I believe gedit also allows for creating/editing markdown
>>>> documents(?) On windows I have both geany, markdown pad íí, and
>>>> ii.
>>>> I do use tables a lot and since I like to use markdown for outlines
>>>> complex documents I would like to see easy folding of sections,
>>>> to what you could do with the old DOS outliners. Alas, combining
>>>> two requirements in a modern editor seems impossible...
>>>> Now I would also like to create drafts of documents and of slide
>>>> presentations in markdown to later be transferred to OpenOffice or
>>>> LibreOffice Writer for finishing the text documents or OpenOffice
>>>> LibreOffice Impress for finishing slide presentations. Ideally
>>>> me to go both ways for the final version.
>>>> I do not seem able to accomplish the latter and have not found the
>>>> markdown editor yet - suggestions welcome!
>>> [orcmid]
>>> There is a single-file XML format for ODF documents that would work
>for conversion from markdown and import to one of LibreOffice Writer or
>LibreOffice Impress.  This works so long as (1) you have no images or
>other external imports and (2) you can come up with a converter.  Since
>conversions to HTML are commonplace, it might be possible to craft a
>converter that makes ODF single-file XML instead.  But someone needs to
>hack on the respective code.  Fortunately, the ODF Table format matches
>the row-major order that is used in the Markdown and in HTML tables. 
>Styling is different, but a converter would do some sort of fixed
>stylings (and font settings) that could be changed in the desktop
>software.  You would also be editing pagination, headers/footers, etc.,
>in the target software anyhow.  There might be a way to set up
>templates for some of this and merge those in, but I don't know enough
>about that to be entirely confident about it.
>>> Apache OpenOffice does not consume the single-file XML format, so
>there is a bit more work to provide a conversion in that case.  Namely,
>AOO and LibreOffice both accept the Zip-package format of ODF documents
>and those can be produced with a bit more effort - the contents of the
>Zip is a set of XML files plus a manifest.  The single-file format is
>convertible to the Zip-package format in a straightforward manner, so
>it would be a good step-up from a single-file producer.  The greatest
>advantage is the fact that there is compression and now a way to
>package images and other artifacts within the multi-file contents of
>the ODF package.
>>> Adding either of these conversions as input filters to either
> descendant is probably beyond the call of duty. It would
>be easier to have a converter essentially "pipe" its output into one of
>them, which is practical.
>>> Also, Microsoft office will consume the ODF package formats for Text
>(Writer) and Presentation (Impress) formats, and anything originated in
>MarkDown should import just fine.
>>> Finally, if you can find a Markdown to RTF or any of the classic or
>OOXML Microsoft Office formats, that should produce something simple
>enough that you can import into one of LibreOffice or Apache OpenOffice
>with decent fidelity as well.
>>> These are all interesting challenge projects for document-processing
>tools.  Whether there are enough piece parts out there to simply create
>a workflow through them is more desirable and others here might have
>>> Thanks for your interesting question.
>>>  - Dennis
>>>> Thank you.
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I was hoping to generate more input on the two questions I raised - have I missed anything in my search?
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