dean allen is gone

bowerbird bowerbird at
Tue Jan 23 16:45:25 EST 2018

dean allen slipped the bonds last week.

allen was one of the pioneers of light-markup,
in the form of his 2002 entry "textile", which
he billed as "a humane web-text generator"
that would enable a person to "simply write".

lots of people took part in the invention, yes,
but if you had to point to one single individual,
there's little argument that it'd be dean allen.

(unless you would prefer to credit ian feldman,
who invented "setext" in 1991 for "tidbits" and
even argued for its use as the default markup
for the thing that eventually became the web.)

textile was used by the seminal "movable type".

oh, and those who write for wikipedia?...
you might wanna fix this little omission:


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