Seeking Boyce, VA station info - MP H46.1 and RPOs

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Tue Jun 29 09:40:20 EDT 2004

June 29, 2004

Good morning, all:

I am gradually restoring the Boyce, Virginia station
and pump house on the Hagerstown District at milepost
H-46.1.  If anyone comes across interior or exterior
views from any era, or construction plans --aside from
what is in the archival collection at Blacksburg--
these will be very helpful.  I'll gladly pay
duplication costs for anything that turns up.

N&W Historical Society members are welcome to stop by
the grounds anytime for train watching.  Please stay
off the concrete platform since this is part of the NS
Corporation right-of-way; kindly stand on gravelled or
grassy areas.  Visits to see the inside  as well as
parking campers overnight are best handled on an
appointment basis.  The station is located along
Virginia route 723, a half-mile east of the blinker
light on US Highway 340, or two miles west of

Volunteers are sought to assist with painting and
light maintenance projects.  Help in setting up or
maintaining a web site for the station and the Railway
Mail Service Library (RMSL) is likewise needed.

The RMSL is an archival collection focusing on the
operation of Railway Post Offices (RPOs) and Highway
Post Offices (HPOs) in the USA.  One activity is
tracking known locations of currently-existing RPO and
HPO equipment.  If members see former RPOs and HPOs
during their travels, I'd like to receive the car
intial, number, and location of anything sighted.

Likewise, if a member is planning to write an article
or book and wants to include information about RPO
services, please contact the RMSL.  Historical
resources can be used at Boyce, or selected
photocopies of source material can be provided.

Best wishes,

Frank Scheer  Curator
Railway Mail Service Library  Inc
f_scheer at
(540) 837-9090 - weekends
Boyce Railway Station
117 East Mail Street
Boyce  VA  22620-9639

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