Bristol Line pole line removal

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Yesterday, they took down the line behind my house.  I spoke to one of the men taking the line down and here's what he said.  They are doing a "total cleanup" taking everything to do with the line.  They are salvaging the three copper wires on the line.  The rest are all copper clad, and he said they can hardly give the stuff away.  The poles are being sold for a dollar a foot if anybody wants them, and they will deliver them.  The insulators have been sold to a woman who is going to use them for a bird sanctuary.  (Wow, I estimate 50,000+ insulators on the line, that's some sanctuary!)  They wouldn't give me the pole that they currently have laying in my yard, regardless of the fact that they won't have to deliver it, and they broke the crossarms on it when they fell it.  I can't have one single insulator, or LA box, nothing.  Boy, what a tight bunch.  The only thing they will sell me is a 65 year old telephone pole that ain't worth no twenty bucks!  Oh well, I have the photos, and
 that's two less obstacles to mow around now.
This is progress...  Or is it?
Ben Blevins

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And some insulators won't bring a bid of a penny.

G Rolih 

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Glass and ceramic insulators are collectable items. Many are for sale on ebay with some bid in the hundreds of dollars.

Don Trettel

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Last week the pole line removers took out Snapp to Seven Mile Ford. They are now 3 miles away from my back yard. The section between Seven Mile Ford and McMullin should be most difficult, with huge cuts, and the pole line over top of these cuts.

The scrapper is leaving the poles laying so far, but taking the wire and the insulators. I can see them reclaiming the wire, but why do they want the insulators?

Ben Blevins


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