tender for steam crane

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They definitely would have needed coal and water. But I can't find any photos
of a steam crane in which there is a tender nearby. My guess is that they
probably used the 9,000 gallon tender, of which N&W had hundreds. This was the
common  Maintenance of Way tender used in the late '40's, so it would have been
a natural for use with a steam crane.     Jim Nichols

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> Having just finished watching a tape on train wrecks, I noticed in some
> shots the steam wrecking crane had a tender. This seems to make sense since
> it requires water and coal/oil. Would this be a common practice? What kind
> of tender did the N&W have back in the 40's and 50's? And would it be with
> the crane in 'waiting' ready to go at a moments notice?
> Thanks,
> Tony Burgess
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