Bristol Line pole line removal

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Thu Jul 1 17:08:45 EDT 2004

The fun may have just begun.  Telecommunications companies deal with
railroads because they can get a right-of-way for fibre optic cable by
dealing with just one company.  It's been 10 year or more since the pole
line was removed from the right of way at my back yard.  There are
still cross arms and pole parts strewn along the embankment.

This spring, I received a letter from a law firm in a case where adjacent
landowners have a suit against AT&T.  Sure enough, there are orange
markers identifying the fibre optic line as AT&T's.  They're willing to
settle for $2.80/lineal foot, but you give AT&T an easement by accepting.
Now someone in Columbus, Ohio is telling me I don't qualify because 
the AT&T line is on the other side of the track. AT&T is on my side;
Sprint is on the south side.  And NS has a cable out there too.

You might want to determine if there are any fibre optic cables along your
property.  CSX had allowed telecommunication lines along one of its routes.
They abandoned the line, the land reverted to the property owners. The
telecom companies were left high and dry to work out arrangements
with the property owners.
                                                      Harry Bundy
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