Winston-Salem, NC operations?

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Mon Jul 19 22:52:53 EDT 2004

I'm not sure I can afford the answers to my question. I bought a year's 
worth of The Arrow and a IM box car kit from the Commissary after asking 
about the ID's of some steam era freight cars :-)  And I've got leads on 
some other kits from Westerfield and Sunshine. yikes!

But I'm now expanding my interest in the N&W beyond it's once potential 
bridge route with the Cape Fear & Yadkin Valley across the Blue Ridge and 
it's actual link with the Atlantic & Yadkin Railway at Walnut Cove, NC.

Where would I learn about the N&W's operations around Winston-Salem and the 
Piedmont region of North Carolina?  In fact what division covered that 

FYI, I have a copy of the Winston-Salem Southbound book, the N&W Handbook, 
and the North Carolina Branch paperback books.  Would The Arrow have 
covered W-S area operations in an article?  If I were looking for ETT's 
from the early to mid 30's or the late 40's, what division would I be 
looking for?


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