Who own old N&W signals?

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Hi Richard,
I am just curious, what do you want for the signal? We had done business on ebay a while ago, but that was A WHILE ago. Your decals are better than Microscale and respresent Norfolk Southern, and the Norfolk and Western accrately. Thank you for putting out such a wonderful product. Anyway, what other items do you have for sale?
Robert Lent

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We were able to save a total of nine signals, relay cabinets, and parts from the Shenandoah Division. I might add that they were purchased, not liberated, from Norfolk Southern in 1997.
The Nace, VA signal was the only one removed locally that was not disassembled in the process by NS. It came down as one piece. This signal is currently resting in my back yard while waiting for a new home. It is for sale. I would have restored it for my driveway but I have already restored a signal that came from somewhere in West Virginia. This one was also legally acquired from NS. This signal was completely disassembled, sandblasted, repainted and rewired before it was installed along my driveway about 10 years ago. I can honestly say that it was a tremendous amount of work!
The parts are still here to reassemble several of the signals. Some have already been sold.
All together we were able to salvage about 23 tons of signal equipment.
Richard D. Shell
Troutville, VA
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