Lambert's Point Turntable

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The Lamberts Point turntable is NOT a thru truss.  Is is a 100' plate-girder turntable.
Jerry Kay, Portsmouth, Va.

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> Thanks to all for their help. I want to model the last version of that 
> turntable, which was of the THRU-TRUSS type. Yesterday, I did what one 
> of you suggested and tried to scale the photos I have. The problem is 
> that all of my photos are angled in such a way that it is difficult to 
> determine dimensions. I estimated that the main truss has a height at 
> the center of 8 feet (4 feet above and 4 feet below the rail bottom.) 
> If I could get that dimension and how far the truss goes down into the 
> pit on each end, it would make for a better construction drawing. I 
> assume that the last turntable (1913) mentioned by Gordon Hamilton as 
> being 100' long is what I want for length. 
> Is that turntable still in existence, wow, I am amazed! I was 
> stationed from 1956 to 1959 at the Mine Warfare School, when it was at 
> Yorktown. I spent many, many enjoyable weekends with my Nikon S1 and 
> Bolex following the N&W. 
> Ron Peisker 
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