Lambert's Point Turntable

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Thu Jul 22 10:19:29 EDT 2004

Thanks Jerry, that is the kind of information I'm looking for.  I will 
now call that turntable a "Plate-Girder".  Yesterday, I spent some time 
on the Internet looking for "Railroad Turntable", and though there were 
lots of pictures and small model kits listed, I could not find any site 
that showed the types, parts, and construction of turntables.  I even 
tried putting in "American Bridge & Iron Co." and "Chicago Bridge and 
Iron Co." and got nothing on their turntables.

In the 1970's I did some research on steam locos at the Carerar 
Technical Library when it was at IIT.  I copied lots of information from 
old magazines like "Railway Mechanical Engineer", but at the time was 
not interested in turntables.  Carerar is now at the U of Chicago,  I 
should probably take a ride down there (~50miles) to see what I can find.

Ron Peisker
Barrington, Illinois

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