N&W materiel management or purchasing department?

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Let me quickly go over how I did this.  Bob Auman was over Public Relations in Roanoke at that time.  I wrote to him and told him I wanted to get a signal on the Bristol Line when they took them down.  He turned me down automatically, and then after I wrote him back he got me in touch with a man in Atlanta who got the ball rolling.
In 1999 they took down a 3 arm signal in Abingdon, and I again asked them to sell me the arms off of it.  They said they only sold them by the gon.  I had to write David Goode himself to get that problem fixed.  However, since that time they have discontinued selling items in this manner.
I don't know how you'd do it now, if at all.
Ben Blevins

nw-mailing-list at nwhs.org wrote:
Hello, Ben:

Was Bob in the purchasing or materiel management
departments? Or in communications and signals?

If anyone happens to know the name of the manager or
superintendent of communications and signals for the
NS Eastern Region (or whatever geographic area covers
the Hagerstown District), please let me know on- or

Thank you,

Frank Scheer
f_scheer at yahoo.com


> When I obtained my signal equipment, it was no easy
> process. I wrote Bob Auman in Roanoke and he told
> me they didn't donate "outmoded" items to
> individuals. 


> Ben Blevins

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