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Tue Jul 27 16:55:39 EDT 2004

July 27, 2004

Hello, all:

On February 11, I stopped by Buchanan, Virginia, on
the Shenandoah Division and noted that the station in
that town has been razed.  However, not far from the
station site, there is a rail car set on a lot on a
section of track.  It is named CRESTA and is at 15th
and Boyd Streets.  The street address is 66 15th
Street and the name on a sign or mailbox (I don't
recall which) is "The Buchanan Railcar Inn."  The car
has a short section of newly-built platform and also
has a cast iron whistle post and oval cast iron grade
crossing sign.

I'm wondering if the owner is on this list.  If not,
does anyone else know more about this car or the

Best wishes,

Frank Scheer
f_scheer at

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