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Gordon thanks for the weight info. The surprise is the diner weight, I had been told and of course thought, that diners were lighter, hence the amount of damage they usually received in accidents. Thanks for the correction. Cal Reynolds
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  Dr. Greer,

  The answer to your Question No. 1 was contained in an article titled, "N & W Re-Equips 'Powhatan Arrow'" in the Dec. 10, 1949, issue of Railway Age magazine as follows:

  Comb. coach-locker                                    133,600 lb.
  2-Compartment coach                                 136,075
  Full coach                                                    135,240
  Diner                                                            143,150
  Lounge-tavern-obs.                                     135,600
  (weights include truck weight of 41,000 lb. per car set)

  The answer to your question No. 2 is that all of the dimensions that you listed can be found on a locomotive diagram.  Two sets of N & W locomotive diagrams and one set of VGN locomotive diagrams are available from the Commissary of the NWHS.

  Gordon Hamilton
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    #1  What would be the actual physical weight of the individual streamlined cars that were assigned to the Powhatan Arrow?  Coach, Diner, Crew locker, Observation.

    #2  Is there a convenient way to obtain dimentional specifics for each of the various classes of N&W locomotives?  Boiler diameters at the different courses, steam cylinder dimensions, driver diameters and spacing, tender dimensions, that sort of thing?   The stuff that would be required to build a credible likeness of an N&W engine, or to be able compare to the products available on the market.  

    If not, would there be enough interest from the membership to make it worth compiling such information into a single reference that we could purchase?

    Sincere thanks for your assistance,

    Dr. J. Brent Greer


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