"Old Tan Track" at West Roanoke

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The timetables of the 1930s all carry Roanoke Terminal Special Instruction 
214, which readeth as follows:

"The normal position of the switches of the crossover where the Eastward 
Running Track crosses the Old Tank Track is for the Engine Running Track.  
Movement on the Tank Track will not foul the Engine Running Track until the switches 
have been adjusted for the Tank Track and these switches must not be returned 
to normal position until movement has cleared the Engine Running Track.  No 
westward movement will be amde on the Old Tank Track except light engines, 
unless under flag protection.  Yard cranes protect their movement, in either 
direction.  Rule 103 (c) should be completely observed, however."

[ Methinks the terms "Eastward Running Track" and "Engine Running Track" are 
used interchangeably in this instruction. ]

I can recall my father (a 1940 man) talking about the "Old Tank Track," but 
for the life of me, I cannot recall where it was...

Can anyone enlighten me?

-- abram burnett
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