Mallet Engines on the Saltville Branch - When?

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As for those of us in the younger generation, Gary Price would have to be the motive power expert, and I'm more specific to the track, structures, and of course signals!  The only thing I know about a mallet in Saltville is hearing 2146 on O. Winston Link's 2nd Pigeon!  I must pass referral to Heavy Duty Price, or perhaps Jerrard Hammondous, both experts in their own fields!  I must yield, for I know not...
But, the Saltville branch did have one signal!  (hee hee!)
Ben Blevins

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When were Mallet engines first used on the Saltville Branch?  Were the Z's used there before the Y's?  (It's probably an issue of when the bridges timber bridges, which were still there in the 1960s !!!, were strengthened.)
Perhaps Bennos Blevinoshevski or some of the other Bristol Line Wizzards have given thought to this matter...
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