Y6's on Pennsy's Sandusky Line?

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As older heads have told me, the Y-6b's produced in late 1949(?) and
1950 were built for their expected use over the new Elkhorn Summit line
when replacing the electric.  They were completed before the tunnel and
track work were completed, thus they represented excess locomotive
capacity.  They were leased to the PRR until the right of way
improvement was completed.  


It is interest that virtually new locomotives were leased out rather
than older locomotives.


G Rolih, Cincinnati  


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Further - the photo is on page 135 of that book, and shows the 2185 with
coal loads northbound passing Omar, Ohio.  The photo is credited to Bob
Lorenz.  The photo is easily identified as not being on the N&W; the
single track is not up to N&W standards and the N&W characteristic pole
line is absent.



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	There's a photo of the 2185 on the Sandusky Line in the book
"USRA 2-8-8-2 Series", second edition, now long out of print.


	I don't have any other numbers - maybe someone else on the list



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		In a reply to a reader about his recent Trains Magazine
article "Big Boy or Big Mistake?",  Ed King says that the Pennsy Leased
Y6's in the 50's for use on the Sandusky LIne.  I have never heard that
before. I find it incredible and was wondering if there are any pictures
of the Y's in this service? Also, What road numbers were used?


		Nathan Driscoll


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