B-4/B-4a Box Car Question

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These cars have now been modeled in resin by Pocahontas Models, owned by Society member Jim Brewer. See www.pocahontasmodels.com. The next two Arrow issues will cover both the prototypes and the models. In brief, I believe three groups of cars (1940) had rounded roofs and the final group (1941) had Murphy panel roofs. In addition, there were a few more visual differences. 

Bill McClure

> Greetings,
>    In doing some research on B-4 box cars, I have come across 2 different 
> roofs used on these cars. I am curious if during production, the ribbed roof 
> replaced the smooth peaked roof on later series, or if this change occured 
> later in their service careers. My main focus on modeling is around 1950 or 
> the early 50's, and also wondering if it would be safe to model certain 
> number groups one way or the other.
>    Also, is there any noticable differences between the B-4 and B-4a box 
> cars on the outside?
> Thank you and have a good day!
> Michael Stovall
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