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One night in the mid-70's I was working a temporary block job west of 
Columbus on the old PRR Bradford line when an eastbound came into town. I dutifully 
handed the Clearance Card to the head end and waited for the rear of the train. 
I saw the conductor waving his lantern indicating to get away from the train. 
I took it as a signal that he didn't want to stick his head out the caboose 
window and snag the order and stubbornly held my ground. He snagged the order 
and I turned in time to see a dragging band a few cars ahead of the cabin. I 
can still recall with a shudder that ting, ting, zinging sound as the broken 
band danced on the ROW. Just another day when I had an angel on my shoulder!

Jim Kehn 
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