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For the genealogy portion, in a 1953 Roanoke City Directory I found a Howard 
L. Dull listed as "mech" for Fugate Motors, which was located at 345 
Campbell Ave., S.W. Roanoke, which is in the downtown area.  His residence 
was at 1921 Arden Rd., S.W. Roanoke, a nice area of the Grandin Court 
section of the city, even today.

Also listed is a Lewis H. Dull (wife Janie B.), shown as a foreman with N&W, 
and living at the same 1921 Arden Rd. address as Howard.

In a 1932 Directory, Lewis is listed, but not Howard.  Still on Arden Rd., 
but a different house number, 611, which was probably changed somewhere in 
the intervening years.

Neither appeared in the 1957 issue, nor did Fugate Motors.

N&W 128 K2a is shown scrapped in 1957, in Mr. Prince's book.  The Virginian 
had no 128 steam loco, and their only 128 was an electric, EL-2b, which was 
built in 1948 and still in service at the N&W merger, Dec. 1959.

Hope this helps some.

Jeff Sanders

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> OK worthy gentleman and ladies! Trivia that is both collectable and 
> genealogy!
> My daughter in law's  great-grandfather was a machinist at a facility in 
> "downtown"
> Roanoke without a turntable. His name was Howard Dull, born 1882.
> Retired about 1952.
> He has handed down a loco bell supposedly retired at the same time.
> Supposedly one of the last steam on the line (when did VGN drop fire?)
> Stamped on top of bell is 128. Cast into the hanger arm is
> 405, but no foundry or builder name that I can find.
> Bell is 15 1/2 inches across and about  13-14 inches tall.
> Any info on the man, which road, about the bell or the loco, any or all
> would be greatly appreciated.
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