J 611 Tender Trucks

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>I stand by my statement on the tender trucks.  I don't know the 
>classification numbers for different
Commonwealth tender trucks, but the last group of J's and A's had a 
different design sideframe.  The tender decks on 611-13 were different as 
well:  They were flat on the top like the A and Y class locomotives.  So my 
theory is that 611's tender was the one it always had.  It was like only 
two other tenders (612, 613).

None of the HO brass imports ever bothered with the distinction between the 
tender trucks, except the Jawn Henry was modelled correctly.  A former 
hobby shop in Roanoke announced that they were going to try to import 
tenders trucks as made for Jawn so we could correctly model a late A or J. 
But that never materialized.

Rick Morrison

>There has been some discussion on another list about the N&W J 611 and I was
>hoping someone here could clear up some discrepancies, please. Following is
>a comment from that list.
>"the tender thats behind the 611 today as it ran in excusion service is not
>the original tender that was used when it was built. I can see how alot of
>people would get confused about tender trucks."
>His inference in the flow of the discussion is that the tender trucks from
>the 611, 612, and 613 were not different from the earlier J's.
>This is at odds with the following statement from this list which I believe
>is correct.
> > Tender trucks.  The sideframes on the last group of A's, as sell as J's
> > 611-613 were different.
>Christopher Smith
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