Coal train on the old Virginian between "JK" and "Broadway"

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Pant! Pant! I'm confused. 
The original question was "Where is Broadway?" I lived in Roanoke long
enough that I might have figured that out except that the picture was
captioned as being on the VGN. Now I have found that JK is at the diamond at
Walnut Ave. Right? I would have ignored these details except that Silk Mill
has been introduced. From descriptions of the caboose move to Victoria I
thought that Silk Mill was at Ninth St. NE, but that is on the N&W.
My guess is that the picture is east of JK heading for the (former?) Ninth
St SE Industrial Park.
But how do the N&W names fit into this VGN track? Please explain.
Oh, what a web we weave when first we make a teeny mistake.
Craig Close
Balimer, Merlan
OK: Far West Catonsville
ALL RIGHT: Greater Oella 

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       With all due respect, this picture is not between JK and Broadway.
Broadway is the old street that connected Franklin Rd. and Colonial Ave.
crossing the "Punkin' Vine" near Towers Mall.
       This picture would be between JK and the east end of the connection
track that is now called Demuth.
Jimmy Lisle
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