Hilltopper connection at Petersburg

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I seem  to recall the intent was to build another
connection that would correct this  problem.  It's not
surprising it was never built as the 
HILLTOPPER didn't  last that long.

A connection was built (or upgraded) in downtown
Petersburg to allow  the eb Hilltopper to make a left
turn and go north.

People commented about how much had to be spent for
such a puny train.  

As I recall a connection was in place already that
would allow a train to go from Norfolk to Richmond ,
but not from Crewe to Richmond

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The connection built was from the ex SCL A-line at
Dunlop (Colonial Heights) across the Appomattox River
to the ex-NW old line through downtown Petersburg.
This connection was torn up in the early to mid '90's.
 This was an upgrade of a connection for these 2
railroads. I remember as a kid seeing this train when
I lived in Colonial Heights.

Dale Jacobson <trainaj2 at yahoo.com> wrote:Greetings,

Okay.  I forgot that connection was built.  Too many
years under the bridge.

Thanks for the update,


Hello, all:

I thought this brief discussion of the connection
between the former SCL (ACL) and N&W at Petersburg
might be of interest to some on the N&W list.

Good day,

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