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Sure does.  Thanks!

Jim Brewer
Glenwood MD

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In answer to your questions:

Whether the wing walls are battered depends on the size of the culvert. The 
foot and 8 foot culverts (upper right drawing) have straight walls. The
larger sized culverts have battered wing walls, but the batter is on the 
side. The visible side would be vertical. The batter is 1"/FT. See section
X-Y at the upper left of the page.

The X's shown on the front and side elevations are not dimensions. They
indicate the permissible locations for a cold joint in the structure. See 
note just to the right of the table. Basically the work crew could build the
culvert is three sections - the bottom slab including the fillets, the
vertical walls, and then the top slab with top fillets.

Hope this helps.

Dan Fisher PE

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>I need to model a standard N&W concrete culvert.  I have the plans as
>presented on page 3 of the Society's N&W Standards Drawings book.
>My first question is whether there is batter on the face of the wing walls,
>or anywhere else where you would see it (batter is where the face of the
>wall tapers, or angles, from the bottom to top; in other words, the wall at
>the base may be 18 inches thick, while only 12 inches thick at the top,
>resulting in batter, or a taper from bottom to top).
>My second question involves the drawing on page 3 of the standards book.
>On the drawing, a dimension of X is given in the corner of the barrels (the
>portion through which the water flows).  For the life of me, I can't find
>any reference in the notes on the drawing how to determine X.  Any
>I've looked on my archives CD data base, but there is nothing listed that
>is applicable that I could purchase from the Society.
>Does anyone have access to any more detailed drawings for the concrete
>Jim Brewer
>Glenwood MD

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