"New" CPLs at Roanoke

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They are not the original signals that were on the 1st Street Bridge. The 
original signals stayed on the bridge while the new ones were being 
assembled on the ground before lifting into their final position about 3 
weeks ago. The new signals are either new or refurbished from somewhere else.

The 1st Street Bridge will be undergoing renovation and a few of us are 
speculating that NS just wanted to move the signals out of harms way. It 
would be nice to hear why CPLs instead of "stoplight" (Southern) style 
signals were used.

Ron Davis

At 01:48 AM 4/14/2005, you wrote:
>Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2005 21:57:33 -0400
>From: "Galen Wright" <k4cno at verizon.net>
>Subject: N&W CPL Observation
>While in Roanoke yesterday I noticed something that I
>thought wasn't a big deal, but evidently it is very
>interesting.  Just west of the N&W passenger station
>is a road bridge that has been closed for some time.
>There was a set of N&W CPLs mounted to the bridge for
>westbound movements on two tracks.  I noticed that a
>new signal bridge has been erected just east of the
>road bridge.  The bridge is of the same cylindrical
>pipe construction as many new signal bridges are on NS
>now.  However, instead of installing southern style
>signals on the bridge, it has "new" color position
>lights.  I don't know if these were the same signal
>heads that were originally on the road bridge or if
>they were new.  But, they evidently had been painted
>and cleaned up nice.  It is a little odd
>seeing the CPL signals on the new modern signal
>Galen A. Wright
>k4cno at verizon.net
>Amherst, Virginia
>April 14, 2005
>Good morning, Galen:
>If anyone looks more closely at this signal bridge, it
>would be interesting to know if the signal heads are
>refurbished Union Switch and Signal equipment or if it
>is something newer.
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