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Tug Fork Time Table for 1910 shows Train No. 1 arriving at Gary, WV at 6PM but lists no departure time.  It also shows Train No. 18 leaving Gary at 4:10AM but htere is no arrival time.  I am assuming that Train No. 1 was Pullman service from New York and train No. 18 was the return trip.

An advertisement in 1912 shows Train No.1 from New York to Gary departing Welch at 4PM. it also shows Train No. 2 from Gary to New York leaving Welch at 12:20PM
Train No. 18 to Lynchburg leving Welch at 4:43 am.

In later years Train No. 1 would leave Welch, go to Gary and then leave Gary and go to Williamson.  Train No. 2 would leave Williamson, go to Gary and from Gary to Welch and on to New York.

Can anyone clear up the mystery of the 1910 TT (May 15, 1920) of where is Train No. 2? and did Train No. 1 leave Gary and go to Williamson.

I don't have a 1910 or 1912 TT.  Just a copy of Tug Fork in 1910 and an advertisement in 1912. 

Any help appreciated.

Alex Schust

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