NS Marsh Run vs White Post

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Mon Jun 20 13:06:43 EDT 2005

"nsrailfan6130" <nsrailfan6130 at y...> wrote:

Good work on the reception guys, now can someone give
me an idea as to where the Marsh Run mcp is? It comes
up from time to time and I don't have that on any of
my DS displays.

Jerry Butler

Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2005 10:57:52 -0000
From: "Mack Muir" <mackmuir at edisaurus.com>
Subject: NS Marsh Run vs White Post

I may be totally wrong (happens all the time) but I've
been assuming that Marsh Run is really White Post.
I'm thinking it's one of those signals that got
renamed at some point but older train crews still
occasionally use the original name.

Or is it one of those signals that has a different
name for each direction????


June 20, 2005

Hello, all:

Any other informed guesses on where Marsh Run is?


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