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I participated in a walkout once. I was working third trick at 16th St
Bridge. (16th St Bridge consists of two two track bridges over the
Chicago River. One is called the B&O Bridge the other the Airline
Bridge.) At that time, the 1960's, the B&O Bridge was at the entrance
to Grand Central Station. At around 1AM, our union rep. Mike Serby,
called and said, "We are going on strike - you go picket Grand Central
Station". That was the first I had heard of a strike! At around 2 AM,
I locked up the tower, got in my Jeep and drove over to the station. I
went up to the Dispatcher's Office and they were in turmoil, I talked to
them for a while and then got a picket sign, went down in front of the
station, and walked until 6 AM. At 6:30 AM I got in my Jeep and drove
over to the high school where I taught physics. The B&O got their
injunction by 9 AM. I went back to work the next night as though
nothing had happened. To this day, I'm not sure why there was a
walkout, but it certainly was an interesting experience.

Ron Peisker

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