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> "On the south end, the sheet starts with H-238 in the Roanoke Terminal

> Division at North Roanoke, not quite a mile south of the Hollins Road crossing.

> MP R-3/H-236 is just north of the Tinker Creek Connector and the division is

> indicated as starting at MP 235.95. Does this mismatch coincide with what is

> in the field? Where is MP 0 on the Shenandoah Division in Roanoke?"

MP H239 is at 65 Crossover - just north of Randolph
MP H238 is at 95 Crossover - just north of Rt. 460/Orange Ave.
MP H237 is at North Roanoke - end of double track
Yard Board is at H235.9
MP H235 - is just south of a road crossing that we refer to as "Four Mile
Crossing". That is because when the mile posts had the R/H designations this
would have been MP R4 going south. The actual name of the road is Carlos Drive.

"When giving locations between Roanoke and Hagerstown, is the mile post
prefix included so everyone is sure of just where someone is, or does this only
matter in the Concrete, Island Ford, Weaver's Bluff area?"

Yes, the milepost or signal name is used for slow orders and 23A forms. Each
Home signal has a name now. The naming was done to make things less confusing
and it is a big help. I'm sure that the standardization to using H for all
mileposts made things much less confusing in a big way too.
Jimmy Lisle

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