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To all,
I won't be joining you folks this year, but I'd like to wish everyone a good convention, and I hope to see everyone next year.

Ben Blevins

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2005 Williamson Convention

Safety Gear and Clothing:

Per the usual rules from NS, we MUST wear long pants and a shirt, long
or short sleeve, no tank tops, on the shop tour of Williamson yard. You
MUST wear a short boot (6" or higher) or similar sturdy footwear.

For those who have hard hats and or safety glasses, please bring them.

These rules are typical for NS and have been imposed on us since 1997
for shop tours. As most companies are 'lean' these days, extra
equipment is usually not available at NS for tours such as ours.

Remember we are their guests and they are making their people available
and spending their money to take us on tour. The NS employees are
donating their time for US. Please take the time to thank them.

Gary Rolih

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