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Since nobody has answered yet I'll give you the "Reader's Digest summary"
and others can fill in the details. It's the former Winston-Salem branch of
the N&W, Roanoke to Winston-Salem, NC. It currently sees a Duke Power unit
coal train (one of the ones you saw), some auto rack business (I'm not sure what
plant, the experts can fill in), and a little local business, that I know

It began life as the "Roanoke and Southern" and was bought by the N&W around
the turn of the 20th century. The date is on the N&WHS calendar (hint :-) ).

Dave Phelps

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I drive south to visit family in Greensboro, NC about once a year. We go
I-81 and pick up 220 in Roanoke. Heading south out of Roanoke is a single
track line that snakes its way
south. Twice I have seen trains on it. Once with a High Hood 4-axle geep and
a short consist. The other was 50 or so hopper cars with 3 units pulling and
2 pushing. I would
like to know anything anyone can share about this branch. Where does it go?
What was it
built for? What kind of traffic does it handle now? It looks well
maintained. Thanks.


David Badgley

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