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Tue Jun 28 09:02:41 EDT 2005

Hey Great convention, there was lot to see in and around Williamson and Matewan area, and going and coming. I think Gary Rolih did a great job and planning it was very good . The tours were very interesting and different from other conventions,It was seeing things too numerous to mention but both Fridays trips and Saturdays tour were great.
then listening to Mr. Newton on Saturday night and watching all of the trains come and go really was great for a railroad even though as Gary Price said its only a train like we have seen all day.(gotcha Gary)
It was good to hear that we are finally going to have a convention up in Strasburg and get to see the 475 so We are looking forward to next year .
We missed all the group that for some reason or the other decided not to attend, the ones there all had a great time and wished you were there.
See you next year in Strasburg

Nathan and David Robinette
rr2248 at
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