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Thanks, Frank, for continuing the 'e-thanks' for the convention. There
should be more from convention goers. It was a great convention. I had a
really good time getting to know the Williamson area. Although I had little
time to explore on the way, I was delighted to be able to tag along with
Gordon Hamilton and Ron Davis a couple of times. On the way home, we added
Chuck Stewart to the caravan. It was educational and somewhat inspiring to
see the likes of Chattaroy, Naugatuck, Rawl, Davy, Panther, Matewan,
Roderfield, Farm and Iaeger to mention a few. Farm, the helper station on
the west side of Elkhorn grade, will stick in my mind for a long time. Is NS
still pushing trains, and do they 'make a run' for the hill? You better
believe it!
In the food and beverage industry, rarely is a container reused. That's my
lead into Louie Newton's banquet presentation on handling the Pocahontas
product-coal. He really gave meaning to the term 'mine shifter'. Empty
hoppers (reused - many times!) have to be available and delivered to the
mine to keep it operating. Simple as that. A very informative presentation
to fit the area.
A remark that sticks in your mine was one by Bob Bowers: "Where else can you
see eastbound and westbound coal trains?"
Cecil Hatfield, Tug Valley Chamber of Commerce, and others form the
Williamson Historical Society (Foundation?) made us feel welcome. They were
very appreciative of our having the convention there and the attention to
the area that we give.
This will be covered later in the Arrow but I want to mention that we were
presented our new directors, our new foundation, The NWHS Foundation, and
our new Society President, Bill McClure. And best wishes to Jim Gillum as he
retires from the NWHS head to become the President of the Foundation.
Thanks, fellows, for your service - past, present, future!
Thanks again, Gary, and all of your volunteers, for a swell Convention.
Charlie Long
Lynchburg, VA

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What a great convention. Okay, I don't think I've
been to a bad NWHS convention, but this was IMHO one
of the better ones. Sorry for those of you who
couldn't be there, very sorry for those who have major
health issues that prevented their attendance. And a
big E-hand for Gary Rolih and all those Society
members, and Williamson locals, who made it a fun and
educational weekend. Let's not wait 13 years to go
back. Now: Strasburg.

Frank Bongiovanni
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