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That could have been anything. Maybe a detour, a routing experiment, crew availability, a rate break, on and on. Who knows? If A. E. Staley had objected, it would be their right to select the route. I wonder if the divisions of revenue lined up that way. I agree it doesn't make much immediate sense to go over the K line from WS. Or even use the WS District at all...profile, curvature, etc. After all, that's one of the reasons the Leesville Connection was built. My immediate guess, an experiment of some kind. Don Corbin
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Don C:
It's been a few years. Perhaps by now the movement has dissipated.
I came across a unit grain train on the Whitethorne District and using NS's computer
determined that it was a shipment from A.E.Staley to Liberty, NC (on
Southern's Greensboro-Sanford line -- the old A&Y). It was quite enlightening
to find that the route beyond Roanoke was the "Punkin Vine" to Winston, former
Southern's "K" line Winston to Pomona (Greensboro), then to destination on
the "CF" line. Southbound, the grade over White Oak Mountain is far superior than
those on the "Punkin Vine". It's also twelve miles (+ or -) longer to move the train via
Winston. Why, then, would NS route the movement thru Winston ?
Harry Bundy


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