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Oakie G Ford

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I had thought about holding a golf outing before the convention this year and going to the course at Rawl near the twin tunnels. I just didn't have the time to develop a program and guessed that getting to Williamson a day early would be difficult for the membership due to the distance to be traveled.

However, the Twisted Gun Links course is an eye-opener. I'd like to get out on it.

Would any of you be interested in a loosely structured N&WHS golf outing/railfan weekend at Twisted Gun in the fall? I talked with the course pro who stated that an outing would be best held on Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday as the course is not heavily used then. I am proposing a late September early October time frame. We might consider playing the course at Rawl and the Twisted Gun course over a two day event. 'Railfanning' in the morning and slide show/ tale swapping at night?

Let me know if you are interested. This is a straw pole to investigate basic interest in an event at Williamson and or Gilbert, WV.

Gary Rolih


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